Service Wire Company Invests in Arizona


Service Wire Company Invests in Arizona


Commitment to the IndustrySince the mid 80’s, more than a decade before Service Wire Co. moved into Arizona, Louis Weisberg, began subscribing to Arizona Highways magazine. He loved looking at the scenery of the State and reading about all it had to offer, including its natural resource, Copper, which is at the center of his company’s wire and cable.

In 1996, Weisberg was named the President of Service Wire after working as a Sales Engineer in their Houston facility for five years.

In 1999, an opportunity arose for the Company to purchase a facility in Arizona. They seized this opportunity and Weisberg has never looked back. “With our headquarters in West Virginia and our second location in Houston, Phoenix was strategic to our plan for the future, allowing us to better serve the Western United States.” Weisberg explained, “We already had an established customer base in the West, however this move not only put us in the same time zone, it allowed us to bring along our company culture, focusing on service and quality.”

Commitment to Their PeopleService Wire also brought their family-culture to their new Arizona facility. Beyond the initial investment of the facility, they immediately worked to improve the work environment and welcomed the employees into the Company Family. “I told them, I’m not the boss… I am a co-worker,” Weisberg recalled. Staff was greatly increased and investments were made to expand, thereby allowing them to provide same and next day shipments, along with emergency service. They purchased a new facility in a modern industrial park, increasing manufacturing to three fully staffed shifts, along with adding a distribution center.

Charlie Weisberg, one of the three Weisberg siblings involved in the Company, lives in Phoenix and heads up the sales operation as the Regional Sales Manager. “I am extremely proud of the growth the Company has had during my tenure.” Weisberg stated. “We value our people over any other asset.” The Company philosophy of promoting within is just another part of the family culture, as is the scholarship program that awards employees’ children annual scholarships for college.

Commitment to GrowthThe cornerstones of Service Wire’s success are:  safety, quality, service and technology.  These four principles, along with a commitment to investing and reinvesting, are directing the success and growth of the Company.

SafetyFrom their safety teams on each shift to management, the culture of being accident-free is a serious matter. This translates into a large number of long-time employees (fifteen, twenty, and thirty-year plus veterans) in all departments. Weisberg added, “Being a second generation employee, I am excited about the numerous father-son and father-daughter teams that are currently working for our company. I believe this highlights the strength of our organization along with our clean and safe workplaces that you can see every day.”

QualityBefore ISO quality certifications were prevalent, Service Wire established its own quality system.  It outlined job requirements for each machine, training, and even calisthenics to improve employee wellness.  So, when they adopted the formal ISO procedures, the roadmap and culture within the company for taking quality seriously was already in place.

Their quality system is a component in their profit sharing plan. Reducing scrap, effective cross training, and proactive maintenance programs all contribute to profit, and therefore an effective profit sharing plan.

Service“Service is in our name… it’s why we got into business and is a key factor for staying in business.” Weisberg explains.  “The service aspect allows us to offer quick manufacturing lead times and low minimum production quantities. Just like Nucor Steel and other advanced manufacturing companies, Service Wire is the equivalent of a mini mill in the industrial, utility and heavy commercial copper wire business.”

Technology As they expanded and began competing with publicly traded companies, Service Wire had to use the knowledge power to its fullest. That means investing in the latest generation of ERP computer systems and developing learning applications to save time, gain efficiencies, and understand what is going on with the data.  “This has means less time saying ‘I’m not sure if we help you’ and more responses such as ‘Let me investigate the matter and get right back to you.’”

In 1986, Louis Weisberg was reading about Arizona Highways and now, 30 years later, he is driving those highways and knows his way around the area. Copper mined in Arizona is used in the wire and cable they manufacture. This independently owned business, with the family culture is invested in Arizona… and continues to reinvest for continued growth.

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December 28, 2016
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