7th Annual Bowling for a Cause

7th Annual Bowling for a Cause 

We are looking for teams to participate in our 8th Annual Bowling for a Cause tournament.

This year’s goals are to double the donations and increase the number of teams that participate.

We were very pleased that 2017 was a good night, full of fun and we donated almost $3200.00 to the Padre foundation, that’s about the same from last year.  I am hoping that 2018 will bring growth in participation and an increase in donations to the foundation.

Having a great evening is part of the plan; the other part is providing funds for kids who need a helping hand in life.  The money we provide will go to help kids with Diabetes.  It helps them to attend camp with other kids with the same condition, giving them hope and confidence in their ability to cope with this new life challenge that they have been handed. Learning about their disease and being trained in medication, good eating habit and general health issues are paramount for these kids to be successful in life.   Growing up and feeling different can make a huge difference on how you view your world and your abilities.  With training, kids will grow up knowing that they can achieve anything they put their minds to, with confidence that they will meet their goals.   These kids will learn to look at what they “can do”, not what they “can’t do” in life.   As one the doctors had once said to my son; “You are the Captain of your own ship”.  These kids with juvenile Diabetes need to know that they can steer their own course.

People make a difference, Thank you for being there. We look forward to 2018 for an even bigger and better event.

  • Gary Lazenby

A team will consist of 6 Bowling members. Since another purpose of this event is industry team building we encourage the Non-Bowlers to join us for a small fee.

When:  Oct 9th, 2018 -Starts @ 6:30 PM. Where: Main Place Mall Round One, 2800 N Main St, Suite #1100, Santa Ana, Ca 92705. Below Ashley’s Furniture on the south end of the mall

Bowling,    Karaoke,   Pool,    Arcade Games

All proceeds go to the Padre Foundation, please make checks payable to the Padre Foundation. Contact Gary Lazenby for a tax exempt # for the Padre’s.

Cost: The cost will be $500 per team. This price includes bowling, finger food, soft drinks, shoes, bowling balls. Non-Bowlers may attend for a small fee of $25 per guest.

We will need your money, names and shoe sizes by Sept. 25, 2018.

If you are interested in entering a team for this event contact: Pat Jones, Intense Lighting,  pjones@intenselighting.com or Gary Lazenby, FSG Lighting, gary.lazenby (lazog@aol.com), or Gary.lazenby@fsgi.com.



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