ALI Launches Second Annual National Ladder Safety Month

ALI Launches Second Annual National Ladder Safety Month 


CHICAGO IL – The American Ladder Institute (ALI)’s second annual National Ladder Safety Month has officially begun. For the entire month of March 2018, ALI will promote ladder safety through the provision of multiple helpful resources that everyone can share and utilize – for free. The goal of this awareness month is to draw attention to the dangers of improper ladder use and how easily ladder-related injuries and death can be prevented with simple, straightforward training.

During a segment airing March 10 on The Lifestyle List, ALI will review the top five misuses of ladders that result in injuries or deaths and suggestions on how to avoid making these mistakes. View a short video preview here. The misuses highlighted, like missing the last step and choosing the wrong ladder for the job, show how important ladder safety awareness is and how seriously someone could be injured doing an everyday task.

“When you look at the number of ladder-related injuries and deaths that occur every year, it’s very clear why we are working to increase ladder safety awareness,” said Dave Plotner, ALI Board Member and Vice President of Engineering at Werner Co. “Consumers need to know that even though they may use ladders for an easy everyday task, they could be at risk of serious injury without proper training. The American Ladder Institute has a large offering of free resources to help keep you safe, and that’s what this month is all about.” Werner Co. is the Top Cap sponsor of the 2018 National Ladder Safety Month.

Individuals, companies and government organizations are encouraged to participate in National Ladder Safety Month by taking simple steps like hanging a ladder safety checklist in their workplace and/or home, completing ALI’s free Ladder Safety Training, viewing the Ladders 101 web page and downloading ladder safety posters from ALI’s website. View the National Ladder Safety Month’s marketing guide for some suggestions on how to both participate and spread the word of your participation in this important month.

Throughout March, ALI will place a special focus on ladder safety across four areas:

February 25 – March 3: What Is Ladder Safety? March 4 – March 10: Ladder Safety at Work: Focus on Company Leadership; March 11 – March 17: Ladder Safety at Work: Focus on the Employee; March 18 – March 31: Ladder Inspection and Disposal.

Learn more how you can participate in National Ladder Safety Month by visiting:

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