Amerlux’s Curvano Puts the ‘Arch’ in First-Class Architectural Lighting

Dazzling, versatile LED linear lighting—as if drawn with a pen—is here

Amerlux launched a groundbreaking set of LED linear lighting solutions that gift wraps creative freedom so architects and designers can let their ceiling lighting design flow with the grace and bends of a scenic river—in standard and custom-request offering.

Curvano offers a 2.5″ aperture in recessed and pendant mount as well as direct and direct/indirect with five curved-diameter corner options and three circular selections. Paired with its superior color-rendering capabilities up to 4000K and 90 CRI, this latest addition to Amerlux’s linear slot offering provides the autonomy to add stunning dimension and comfortable, flexible illumination to any interior architectural design.

“We encourage architects and designers to close their eyes, grab some paper and start drawing their next dynamic, head-turning lighting designs,” said Bill Plageman, Amerlux’s VP of Marketing and Product Development. “What designs are you drawing? Silky, rounded corners? Sleek radius circles? Curvy serpentines? With Curvano, the shapes and figures are infinite, limited by only your imagination.”

Architects and lighting designers appreciate Curvano because they can visually see their design laid out on their desk and immediately place an order without needing any engineering drawings to confirm the desired shape. An architecturally styled linear with the performance of a specification-grade luminaire, Curvano offers a uniformly lit designer lens and an end cap light block shield to prevent light leakage, which occurs when the lens shrinks and creates a gap between the end cap and lens.

Design-build firms love Curvano because are there not any delays when it comes to designing, ordering and installing. They can create and order a layout design on the same day courtesy of a free scaled model kit that’s approximately one-twelfth the fixture size and allows designers to see Curvano’s limitless, well-rounded options for retail, commercial and hospitality applications. Easy to order, easy to install and easy to maintain, Curvano ensures work is done on time and on budget.

Equipped with magnetic LED reflector trays within its curved sections, maintenance with Curvano is also as easy as creating imaginative, refreshing new patterns.

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Amerlux’s Curvano Puts the ‘Arch’ in First-Class Architectural Lighting

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