Ashley Springgay Promoted to Lighting Operations Manager of Edges Electrical

Ashley Springgay Promoted to Lighting Operations Manager of Edges Electrical

Bob Powers, President of Edges Electrical has announced the promotion of Ashley Springgay to a new role for the organization, as Lighting Operations Manager. She will be responsible for overseeing the Lighting Departments’ companywide policies and procedures. Her responsibilities will include to create, maintain and implement SOPs, make sure customers’ needs are being handled properly from beginning to end, assess any training lighting personnel may need and help determine which tools the company should utilize to continue its growth .

Ashley started in this industry 12 years ago because of her relationship with the Electrical Distributors’ (now Edges) owners.  While she is Chet Lehmann’s oldest granddaughter and Scott Lehmann’s niece, she has never been one to lead with that in her introductions; rather she strives to prove herself through her hard work.

In high school Ashley began working part-time during summer months (to earn spending money), answering phones and assisting at the counter.  While attending college, she was offered a position in the Salinas lighting department. For a brief moment during her last year at SJSU, she considered leaving this industry.  She attended law school for a bit after graduating, but quickly realized that working at Electrical Distributors, now Edges, was where she belonged.  When she returned to the lighting department in Salinas, she assisted with the transition from Eterm to Solar operating systems.  She had the opportunity to be one of the first few to learn and go live with Solar, which gave her the opportunity to help her teammates with the transition when it was released companywide.

About a year after she returned to Salinas, a position opened in the San Jose lighting department.  Ashley was asked to help out while they were shorthanded, not knowing that she would ultimately end up there.  While it was hard to leave her coworkers in Salinas, she knew this would be the right move for her career.  Since joining the San Jose team, she has grown as a project manager and has become the go-to person when coworkers needed help. “I enjoy helping people and I feel it’s important for people to know they can always reach out to me.  My future is here at Edges and I look forward to taking on my new role.”

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