ATG LED Lighting Announces Two Major Client Support Initiatives

“LED LIGHTING MADE EASY” and “MyProject” Hybrid Shopping Experience

ATG LED Lighting announced two new client support initiatives: LED LIGHTING MADE EASY and the MyProject hybrid shopping experience. The new programs aim to eliminate all the stress and uncertainty that can be involved in making critical buying or specifying decisions involving solid-state LED lighting products. Guided by ATG Lighting professionals every step of the way, the programs are great for new construction but are particularly useful for renovation and retrofit projects.

LED LIGHTING MADE EASY – When visiting the ATG website, clients are invited to TRY Us Now! and are directed to a special landing page where they can share details of current lighting projects and review an entire suite of free value added services. This starts the process whereby ATG Lighting professionals can reach out to the client in a method of their choosing and begin assisting with the various elements involved in the decision-making process. People can choose between a variety of free value-added services including site surveys, free layout assistance, rebate assistance and ROI calculations. The program generates great results, takes all the guesswork out of the process while virtually guaranteeing a successful project!

MyProject Hybrid Shopping Experience – The second aspect of the announcement included the MyProject hybrid shopping experience. When clients, representatives or specifiers click on the MyProject button on the homepage, they are directed to a microsite where they can sign up and establish a free and secure personal account for repeat use. Once the account is established, people are able to shop the ATG LED product line and create individual projects by adding products to their cart. At check out, they can then request any type of assistance they need. There are no financial transactions conducted – just value-added services to help the process. Later, individuals can return to the website and add or delete items in their cart, start new projects or review prior projects.

These programs are yet another example of how ATG LED Lighting is raising the bar and differentiating themselves from the competition by offering more than just great light fixtures but by delivering a next-level customer experience! Visit:

ATG LED Lighting Announces Two Major Client Support Initiatives

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