ATG Offers 8 Foot T12 and T8 Replacement Solutions in Stock

ATG Offers 8 Foot T12 and T8 Replacement Solutions in Stock

Industrial facilities across the nation are settling for high power bills, in the dark, literally, about how to achieve maximum efficiency with a lighting upgrade.  T12 Fluorescent tubes are installed in the ceilings of garages, stock yards, warehouses and storage facilities. Once desired for their low price point and simplicity, these lamps are now outdated and inefficient, buzzing and flickering in the final stage of life..  Even later developments in T8 fluorescent tubes that are now dimmed and absorbing energy with low performance.   

 Most LED manufacturers typically stock 4 foot tubes as an alternative to 8’ fluorescent installations, advising designers and installers to double up per 8 foot fixture.  This advice creates twice the work for installers, increases project time, and ultimately leads to avoidable costs.  By choosing 8 foot fixtures solutions for these applications, productivity is dramatically improved.

ATG LED Lighting offers both retrofit and full fixture linear solutions in lieu of T12 lamps and the typical 4 foot tube selections most suppliers carry.  For retrofit, the 8 foot EZ Linear Retrofit Kit is designed to replace T12s which are notorious for being inefficient and easily damaged.  If an entirely new design is envisioned, ATG also offers a variety of full fixture solutions including the Linear Strip (LNS) and Huron Linear Fixture.  In spaces where style is especially important, the Toros is preferred for its architectural appearance and up/down light feature. 

Local customers can now will-call these fixture solutions with 2-Hour advance Notice!

For more information, including audits layout and ROI calculations, please contact ATG: sales

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