Atkore BreathSaver Conduit System Improves Safety While Lowering Project Costs

Atkore’s FRE Composites® BreathSaver® XW fiberglass conduit system uses a non-metallic, phenolic resin-based matrix to protect electrical cable in extreme temperatures and flames, while also offering superior corrosive resistance to water and most chemicals. BreathSaver XW fiberglass conduit is a safe, non-conductive option for tunnels, subways and other sub-level environments including vent shafts.

While standard epoxy fiberglass conduit is suited for temperatures between -40°F and +230°F, the BreathSaver XW Series performs and protects cables in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +1850°F. It has a very low smoke optical density and carries a Class 1 flame resistance rating. BreathSaver XW fiberglass conduit maintains its characteristics and properties under intense heat and requires fewer expansion joints. This reduces the amount of threading and masking, resulting in less installation time and lower labor costs.

The BreathSaver XW conduit system includes conduit, elbows, fittings, and adaptors. BreathSaver XW meets the most stringent industry requirements for safety, is rated for Class 1 Division 2, and is the only certified product under UL’s 2196 – 2 Hours Fire rating, both vertically and horizontally.

“With the demand for conduit alternatives rising, it’s important that we are able to provide solutions for a variety of applications in as many settings as possible,” says Tom Feissle, Director of Business Development for FRE Composites. “The BreathSaver XW Series enables us to provide our fiberglass solution to owners and developers who may be struggling with corrosion, extreme temperatures or replacement costs.”

Atkore/FRE Composites’ BreathSaver Series is available through stocking distributors in the USA, Canada and globally. For more information, visit

Atkore BreathSaver Conduit System Improves Safety While Lowering Project Costs

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