Atkore International’s ACS/Uni-Fab Offers Modular Raised Floor and High Bay Wiring Systems

Atkore International’s ACS/Uni-Fab Offers Modular Raised Floor and High Bay Wiring Systems


ACS/Uni-Fab, part of the leading manufacturer of electrical products Atkore International, highlights their modular raised floor and high bay lighting wiring systems.

The ACS/Uni-Fab Intelligent Floor® wiring solution is an adaptable electrical raceway solution for rapid installation of power, voice and data to the workstation in raised floor applications. It optimizes utility space and is ideal for offices spaces, trading floors, computer rooms, casino gaming areas, and other accessible floor applications where speed of installation and relocatability is paramount.

The back-to-the-panel wiring solution includes factory installed custom homerun cables attached to multi-port distribution boxes. For power applications, the system includes a main distribution box that provides power to the access floor modules and/or secondary distribution boxes via double port extender cables and/or single port extender cables. The system can be designed and built to meet specific project requirements. All of the modular raised floor products are UL® and CSA Listed. All are 100 percent tested and assembled by our IBEW team members.

Also available are modular systems for high bay lighting in open ceilings. Working from electrical engineered system drawings, ACS/Uni-Fab rapidly provides precise installation drawings for the open bay solution, greatly reducing the installed time and project costs. These innovative solutions are ideal for virtually any commercial, industrial, retail and institutional location requiring high bay or low bay lighting. They are a great choice for factories, warehouses, super stores, supermarkets, and other open ceiling applications.

The easy to install high bay modular lighting systems offer lower installation costs than traditional hard-wiring methods, due to the dramatic reduction in time spent on the job site. The simplicity of design means installers need only one pass at each fixture location. This time savings produces total installed cost savings of 30-50 percent or more, depending on local labor rates.

The Flex3 modular lighting system requires only three basic components to supply power to lighting fixtures in both high bay lighting and low bay lighting locations. These components can easily be installed or relocated by simply unplugging and plugging in connections. Flex3+ modular wiring for high bay lighting systems allows users to disconnect and remove lighting fixtures without interrupting the power supply down the line. This three-component system plugs together quickly and easily, supplying power to lighting fixtures installed in both high bay and low bay applications. All modular high bay and low bay lighting system components are UL® listed and labeled.

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