AttaBox Enclosures Helps Provide A Reliable Solution for Protecting Pump Sensor Controls

AttaBox® Enclosures announced the availability of a new case study showcasing how AttaBox® helped Branom Instrument Company provide as reliable solution for protecting pump sensor controls. The case study is downloadable, at no obligation, by visiting:

Branom Instrument Company provide best-in-class process instrumentation for control and monitoring of flow, gas and liquid analytics, level, pressure, temperature, and automation. Branom turned to AttaBox® Enclosures to provide a solution for an application designed to provide level sensing for pump controls in a sump where wastewater effluent was collected from a painting and coating line. It was essential that instrumentation would be reliably protected from potentially harsh environmental factors. Additionally, safe housing for a flow meter and pH controller were required so that the customer could meet government and industry effluent regulations.

AttaBox® responded with a proven solution: a 14” x 12” x 16” Heartland® Series enclosure with opaque cover from AttaBox® Enclosures,The Heartland® Series enclosure used enabled Branom to effectively house and protect a pH controller, data logger, relays, power supplies, a tower light, plus all electrical wiring.

Heartland™ polycarbonate enclosures from AttaBox® Enclosures are designed to be used in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications. These enclosures provide superior protection against rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, hose directed water, submersion, sun/UV radiation and flames.

Features specific to materials include the capacity for Heartland™ enclosures to perform without adverse effects in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +248°F.

These AttaBox® enclosures achieve the highest flame resistance (UL 94 Flame Rating) and resins have achieved UL’s best rating for UV exposure and water immersion (“f1” per UL 746C).

Other key ratings include: Type 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 ratings; ULus Listed per file #E319779; → UL50, UL50e, UL508A; and IEC 60529: UL Listed per file #E362920 IP66.


AttaBox Enclosures Helps Provide A Reliable Solution for Protecting Pump Sensor Controls

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