Axolight AIA Miami Design Awards Gala

Axolight AIA Miami Design Awards Gala

Axolight USA is delighted to announce the North American debut of Cloudy at this year’s Miami AIA Design Awards Gala. Cloudy is a new concept in large-scale LED fixtures; pushing the boundaries of performance in a decorative package with a strong point of view. It will be shown, for the first time publicly in North America, at the Design Awards Gala celebrating the efforts of the Miami architectural design community to enrich our spaces through innovation and creativity.

Cloudy is Axo’s latest statement reinforcing our deeply held belief that art can and should be functional and ingrained in all spaces—from the avant guarde to the conventional. For this reason, we are thrilled that Cloudy has been chosen to be the backdrop to a unique performance, “A Choreography for daily living” to be performed at the evening’s ceremonies by the non-profit dance collective PAXy.

Just as Cloudy blends high-concept design mimicking nature with the potency of LED to create fixtures that enrich spaces as they illuminate, PAXy’s performance will “bring together performance, architecture and play” showing how artistic expression can resonate in the spaces we live and work in.

Axolight is proud to support the Miami design community and the championing of artistic expression in all places.

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