Beacon Products Matrix Series Offers Unprecedented Mix of Performance, Value and Versatility for High-Mount Area and Flood Lighting Applications

Beacon Products Matrix Series Offers Unprecedented Mix of Performance, Value and Versatility for High-Mount Area and Flood Lighting Applications



Greenville, SC – September 27, 2017 – Hubbell Lighting, a global leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Beacon Products has commercially launched its Matrix series of flood and area luminaires. This high-output, high-mount family of luminaires is the perfect replacement for HID 1,000 Watt luminaires.


Outdoor luminaires with high-lumen outputs and superior optics are currently in high demand. The Matrix delivers up to 60,000 lumens at efficacies exceeding 125 Lumens per Watt. It has been designed to meet and exceed the strictest of municipal lighting codes. It’s environment-friendly, full cutoff optic is available in 11 different lighting distributions to accommodate the unique needs of the end customer.


The engineering team at Beacon Products developed optics featured in the Matrix with specific applications in mind. Optics options include tennis court, front row, type four and a square type five. Customers specifying for projects such as large parking areas, perimeter floodlighting and high mounting areas are putting a heavy emphasis on uniform distributions, making the Matrix an ideal solution.

The Matrix is suitable for post top, shoebox, cobra head, high output flood or high mast lighting fixture retrofits and replacements. The unique post top area fixture is designed to be a one-for-one replacement for 1000W HID spider mount fixtures.

“The Matrix was designed with large-footprint facilities like logistics centers in mind,” said Jeff McClow, product manager at Beacon Products. “We understand what these facility owners value and the combination of superior performance, flexibility and competitive pricing establishes the Matrix as the new benchmark for a LED flood.”


Recent award recognition for Hubbell’s outdoor commercial brands demonstrates its focus on “superior performance at competitive price” is paying dividends for customers. Hubbell is the only luminaire manufacturer that has been recognized by BUILDINGS Magazine with a Money-Saving Product three years in a row.

The Matrix Area is offered in four styles for large area lighting applications. Customers can select between the upswept arm, post top, knuckle and tenon mounts.

The Matrix is equipped to feature an array of controls capabilities based on specified needs, be it dawn-to-dusk photocell to advanced wired or wireless solutions. The advanced distributed intelligent lighting controls provide a complete suite of California Title 24/ASHRAE compliant energy saving solutions.

Hubbell Control Solutions’ SiteSync is an option for the Matrix, offering flexibility, ease of design, installation simplicity and the reliability of a wireless architecture. With its pre-programmed approach, installation of SiteSync is a quick and easy process, greatly reducing the complexity, time and cost compared to typical field commissioned systems.

The Features and Benefits of the Matrix include:

Three flood distributions, including narrow, medium, and wide

60,000 lumen output

Adjustable knuckle with 5° increments

Protective glass lens

Superior optical and glare control options

Application specific optics

Occupancy sensor controls

Profile diming

Wireless controls

Please visit the digital brochure HERE for detailed information.


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