Breaking out of the Box: New Pivot Panel & Wedge Box Save Electricians Time and Money

Breaking out of the Box: New Pivot Panel & Wedge Box Save Electricians Time and Money


Most electricians will tell you their least favorite job is changing out an electrical box in remodels or in a service upgrade. With the standard electric load center panel enclosure, there have been few changes over the years.

A new company, Load Center, LLC, is working to change that having invented several new electric panel enclosures to make the electrician’s job easier and faster.

What makes the Pivot Panel & Wedge Box different? How do they work? When changing out panels there are wires that run through the top and bottom. That box, with the wires hanging out, has to be inserted in a cut-out in the sheet rock not much bigger than the box.

Most times, after much struggling to install a standard panel the sheet rock ends up getting broken and needs repaired, sometimes repainting, and the wires many times get damaged. Electricians can struggle for 20-30 minutes just to get the standard box in the wall.

Load Center, LLC has designed six and tested four different enclosures to solve this problem. The new Pivot Panel allows the electrician to install this box in the wall in 4-7 minutes with no stress or struggling and with no damage. One section pivots allowing the wires to pass behind the drywall and up into position.

With this new design, sections can be dropped down so it is easy to see where to insert the new wire making that job quick and simple. This 3-piece Pivot Panel will end up being used as a remodel box and in new construction because the cost is about the same but with huge benefits for both operations.

Another key design, the Wedge Box, allows the electrician to snap wires into a holding clip and a wedge is inserted to hold the wires in place so no connectors have to be used. This too makes the electrician’s job faster and simpler. To run new wires, a wedge is pulled out, the new wire inserted in a holding slot and the wedge replaced.

Load Center, LLC has started down the licensing path and expects to license several different designs to load center manufacturers who will use these designs to help break down the barrier of inefficiency when an electrician uses today’s dated rectangular gray steel electric box

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