Bulbrite’s LED All-In-One Downlight Eliminates Obstacles Making it Easy to Install

Bulbrite’s LED All-In-One Downlight Eliminates Obstacles Making it Easy to Install 

 Bulbrite Industries announces the launch of its LED All-In-One Downlight, which makes the installation of recessed lighting easier and significantly less expensive. The innovative new fixture eliminates the need to install a can before mounting a separate flood lamp, and features an integrated J-Box, so no connection to an external J-Box or E26 Adaptor is needed.

“Until now, installing recessed lighting has involved significant costs for homeowners, and a fair amount of work for contractors or electricians,” said Martha Kahn, Product Manager at Bulbrite. “Between the purchase of the cans, the J-Boxes or adaptors, and having to wire everything together, it wasn’t a cheap or easy job. With this product, we’ve eliminated a big part of the hassle and the need to purchase all of those parts. Not to mention that the space required for our LED All-in-One Downlight is much less than that of a traditional can plus bulb or LED retrofit with adaptor, so there are many new application locations users can light with this integrated fixture.”

Bulbrite’s LED All-In-One Downlight is a sleek, modern, fully integrated lighting fixture that doesn’t require a can or adaptor and includes the light source and an integrated J-Box, making installation and subsequent wiring easy. An electrician simply cuts a hole into the ceiling, fits the product into place, and connects the downlight to the home’s wiring.

To add to the savings in both cost and effort, Bulbrite’s LED All-In-One Downlight is IC rated, which means it does not require further insulation. It’s also ENERGY STAR® rated; consumers will save up to $280 annually per fixture over the life of the lamp (based on measurements from the 6” model).

“Our LED All-In-One Downlight is a cost-effective option for new construction, because contractors can avoid purchasing cans and can wire electricity directly to the fixture,” Kahn said. “It’s also a great solution for homeowners who want to add recessed lighting in areas where no lighting currently exists, or where space above the ceiling doesn’t allow for the installation of a can. Some common areas include laundry rooms, bathrooms (this fixture is UL damp rated), entryways, mudrooms and closets.”

For more information on Bulbrite’s LED All-In-One Downlight visit Bulbrite online at: www.bulbrite.com.



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