Cembre Increases Safety with its New B68RC Radio Controlled Battery Hydraulic Pump

Cembre Increases Safety with its New B68RC Radio Controlled Battery Hydraulic Pump

Cembre Inc., world leader in manufacturing crimping and cutting tools will take stage during the ICUEE 2017 Exhibition to present its newest product innovation.

The event will in fact mark the launch of the radio controlled, portable battery hydraulic pump for increasing safety when cutting underground cables, along with its newly designed cutting and crimping heads.

As a global leader in the in manufacturing crimping and cutting tools, Cembre puts the safety and needs of the operators first, along with offering high technological standards and efficiency outcomes. This new system was developed by Cembre specifically to address the safety concerns of field personnel cutting cables that have the potential of still being live.

Riccardo Rigattieri, National Sales Manager of Cembre Inc, and one of the leading developers of the product commented: “This new product will effectively drive a major change in the entire Electrical Industry when working Underground. The increased efficiency and safety of our tools, will increase productivity but especially avoid potential accidents to operators.”

Cembre’s focus, thus, continues to be on providing innovative solutions for crimping and cutting, while never forgetting about the practical needs and safety measures necessary to best operate. The new B68RC battery pump and matching heads will allow operators to properly control the cutting of cables while standing well outside a manhole and away from the danger zone due to the remote control feature and sensors, thereby completely avoiding any possible contact with live cables and its consequent risk to their safety on the job.

For more information, visit Cembre Inc. at booth #2843 during the 2017 ICUEE in Louisville, KY.



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