City Electric Supply Branch Relocates to Dunn, North Carolina

DUNN, NC – Electric Supply (CES) is excited to announce the opening of CES Dunn in an area with very few electrical suppliers. The team is ready to meet the city’s needs and serve a mix of commercial, residential, and industrial customers.

“CES Dunn bridges a gap in our district,” said District Manager Joey Barefoot. “We were supplying this town from our surrounding branches, but there’s nothing quite like actually being there in the community yourself and building relationships over the counter.”

And residents couldn’t be more excited to show their support for the new store in town. When the owner of a local appliance store learned that the branch needed a new fridge, he helped make it happen. “Our fridge broke during the move,” Branch Manager Brent Jackson said. “The owner of the appliance store came in and had to buy a few supplies. He was so happy to see us help local businesses that he gave us a fridge. He said, ‘Since you’re moving into town, we’ll just donate it to you.’”

What makes this move to Dunn even better? “The team is all local guys,” Jackson said. “That means a lot to the community. Everything in our industry is based on relationships and trust. If someone trusts you, they’ll give you their business.”

The CES Dunn team has a combined 71 years of experience, which Jackson believes will go a long way toward delivering results and building trust with their customers. Having the right inventory has also helped. “Plenty of customers come in and say I can’t believe you have this, I can’t believe you have that,” he said. “We spent a lot of nights and weekends planning our inventory, so it’s music to our ears hearing customers say that.”

 Another thing the customers are talking about is how great the new store looks. “Everyone comes in and just talks about how great the place looks,” Jackson said. “Contractors and local business owners thank us every day for coming to Dunn. They’ve never had anybody like CES here before.”

And in the short time the branch has been open, they’ve received a great amount of gratitude from customers.  “We get at least five or six thank-yous every day,” Jackson laughed. “It’s mind-blowing to me. It feels good to know you’re the only place in town that’s here to service customers. We’ve done all this hard work, and everyone’s thankful for it.”

The future sure looks bright for this new branch. It’s safe to say the relocation was a great move. “These guys hit the ground running,” Joey said. “In our first month, we were 72% over last year’s sales based on the location we moved from. You don’t see that very often.” “Everyone’s excited because we’re helping the town succeed and achieve their goals as well. We’re not just here to sell electrical supplies,” Jackson said.

As for future goals, Jackson says there are a lot of things the branch is looking forward to achieving. “The best part is that we haven’t even tapped into our full potential,” Jackson added. “We’re doing good, but we can still do better. Our ultimate goal is to be the #1 branch in the district.”

Given the way things kicked off for this CES branch, we don’t have a doubt in the world that more success is heading their way.

CES employs more than 3,000 people in over 500 branches across the U.S. 

City Electric Supply Branch Relocates to Dunn, North Carolina

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