Cuvée Systems Releases EZI-Set Series of Compact LED Drivers

Superior Performance in Ultra-Compact Size with Four Form Factors

Cuvée Systems has announced its EZI-Set series of ultra-compact LED drivers (non-dimmable) that offer superior performance with four form factors. The constant current output is configurable via dip-switches to maximize application flexibility, ease of use, and simplified inventory management for manufacturers and installers.

These drivers are ideal for small form factor directional lighting applications using COBs, including downlights, spotlights and track lights. Three different sizes combined with three wattage options serve to optimize the size of the EZI-Set drivers, ultimately creating sleek fixtures with high performance. CEO Ray Chock highlights, “these EZI-Set drivers establish new size and performance standards with up to 0.5W per cubic cm.

The EZI-set line has more than double the power density of major competitors. This enables our customers to dramatically reduce the size of their light fixtures.”  Backed by the Cuvée Systems and Luminus five-year driver plus COB system warranty, these drivers offer long-term confidence where form factor, quality of light and reliability are critical factors.

The Cuvée Systems brand of drivers is exclusively available from Luminus and the Luminus worldwide franchised distributor network.

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Cuvée Systems Releases EZI-Set Series of Compact LED Drivers

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