DECO Lighting and PQL Stronger Together

There is some exciting news in the lighting industry!  Deco Lighting, the advanced-technology LED lighting company is back and stronger than ever.

2020 was a challenging year for Deco, best known for its innovative end-to-end solutions for the architectural and energy markets. Like every other company, Deco had to navigate the pandemic and a series of incidents that led to a reorganization of the company. Deco Lighting has done what few companies can claim to do – successfully navigate through a challenging process to emerge stronger than ever.

Deco aligned with lighting industry leader Premium Quality Lighting (PQL), which allowed the company to retain its workforce and offer customers what they needed which resulted in reinforcing the strengths and building a stronger company. Working with PQL, Deco did something unique during this time; they sought considerable input from their customers to reinforce areas of deficiency. As a result, the company changed how they communicated with customers, revised, and overhauled its relationships with reps and distributors while also adding tools to provide better pricing and availability of high-demand products.  With the direction of PQL and by listening to customers, Deco made significant investments in systems and people to emerge as a new and greatly improved version of their former selves.

Branded “Deco 2.0”, the firm has made considerable strides in becoming a better company, and others have noticed. Premium Quality Lighting (PQL) invested in Deco both financially and operationally. Both firms have integrated their product design, sourcing, and fulfillment activities to create what they believe is the electrical industry’s most cost-competitive and comprehensive lighting solutions platform for distributors and customers.

Unlike many other vendors, Deco has not announced any price increases in 2021. While supply chain issues have been the industry issue in 2021 and looks to continue to be problematic, Deco and PQL are focused on product accessibility and have over $15M in inventory available from five warehouses ready for immediate shipment.

In yet another nod to Deco 2.0, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s leading networking company Aruba Networks has selected and approved Deco’s patented DecoMesh wireless control system as one of Aruba’s best-of-breed technology partners. The relationship with a recognized world leader in networking, IoT, and other advanced technologies is but one of the many endorsements to Deco’s connected smart-fixture strategy that promises to pull through tremendous volume and value to its entire lighting channel ecosystem.  “This will be an exciting time for all of our partners, including electrical distributors, contractors, ESCOs, manufacturer agents, and end-user customers” said Sam Sinai, founder of Deco. “This will open doors previously closed due to integration and network security-related concerns and will facilitate Deco’s channel partners ability to migrate faster from selling lower margin SKU’s to higher-margin Solutions.”

Deco and PQL will continue to focus on creating new market opportunities for their customers, with several planned moves to streamline further operations to support better pricing, more responsive customer service, and more agile fulfillment.  “Distributors, rep agencies, and customers will continue to benefit from the financial strength of PQL and our proven excellence in on-time delivery, customer service and order processing, and post-installation warranty support. At the same time, Deco’s innovative approach to differentiated products, especially those that leverage DecoMesh, will create new opportunities for everyone in the market,” added Andy Sreden, PQL Founder.

DECO Lighting and PQL Stronger Together

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