Deco Lighting Develops New York City Presence, Assigns Sales Representatives Brazill LiteTech

 Deco Lighting Develops New York City Presence, Assigns Sales Representatives Brazill LiteTech


LOS ANGELES, CA.Solidifying its position as America’s leading LED lighting solutions manufacturer, Deco Lighting has appointed Brazill LiteTech, a division of Brazill Brothers and Associates Inc., as its primary sales representative in the New York City region. Centrally located in Manhattan New York, Brazill LiteTech manages a sizable 172,000 square foot warehouse space where they are able to rapidly fulfill orders and ensure prompt delivery for customers. Brazill Brothers was founded in 1951 by Burt Brazill Sr. and Bob Brazill in New York City, and has maintained its credibility as one of the oldest and largest manufacturers’ representatives in the LED lighting industry. Deco Lighting’s strategic move to revamp its presence on the New York forefront will prove to be a decision that will bring unprecedented energy savings and a wide variety of lighting solutions to BLT’s clients. The expansion will maximize value delivered and return on investment for a myriad of development projects in the territory.

“Brazill LiteTech is extremely excited to partner with Deco in our New York City Market.  We look forward to bringing Deco’s industry-leading LED lighting solutions to all aspects of our business,” says Chris Brazill, Vice President at Brazill Brothers.

Deco Lighting is thrilled to have Brazill LiteTech onboard as their representative for the New York City region. The partnership is part of Deco’s continued mission to manufacture and deliver the highest-quality and longest-lasting lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial, retail, and municipal customers. With a constant focus on providing state-of-the-art lighting components for its clients, Deco Lighting offers a strong portfolio of luminaires, ranging from the all-new Vector linear interior luminaire, targeted at revamping modern interior spaces, to the DecoMesh Bluetooth-based platform, which includes a 5-channel human-centric approach to color tuning, dubbed Circadian Balanced Illumination™.

At the core of Deco Lighting’s new product development is the commitment to improve lighting solutions and the processes necessary to fulfill today’s needs for sustainable, and environmentally-friendly luminaires. With clean technologies at the center of today’s building projects and renovations, Deco Lighting continues to meet the demand for revolutionary, world-class LED lighting technologies.

“We are thrilled to bring on Brazill LiteTech as our new rep for the greater NYC area. Their vast experience in the spec, distributor and contractor markets will make a great match for DECO’s wide variety of lighting products,” says Dave Alber, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for DECO Lighting.

A leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting applications, Deco Lighting serves the growing need for sustainable lighting and sophisticated digital control solutions. Deco is a recognized leader in the LED technology revolution and is committed to delivering superior value to its clients on a consistent basis. Make sure to check out Deco Lighting’s showcase of cutting-edge lighting systems this year at LIGHTFAIR International 2017 (Booth #2531). The conference will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center, in Philadelphia, PA. To learn more about Deco Lighting, please visit:



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