DECO Lighting – The Emerging Wireless Lighting Control Standard

DECO Lighting is excited to announce yet another deployment of DecoMesh 2.0 wireless room controls in the Midwest. John Molack, Principal at Vertical Lighting & Controls with headquarters in Chicago, worked with officials at a local school district to demonstrate the ease and simplicity of installing and commissioning DecoMesh 2.0. The school district selected Deco’s GO (Game Over) series of LED Fixtures with the DecoMesh 2.0 wireless drivers and wireless sensors and wall controls as part of the district’s overall strategy to provide teachers the flexibility they want with a robust system that helps save energy. This project is but one of many where Deco’s implementation of their ‘659 patent of integral wireless LED drivers provides the “least-cost with unparalleled simplicity” approach to wireless lighting controls.

Deco’s patented wireless driver (power supply) can convert any fixture into an AI-IoT ready smart fixture for the same price as a conventional fixture. The smart fixture can be configured wirelessly in minutes into a controllable lighting platform with a 70% cost savings over incumbent connected-lighting solutions. The smart-fixture converts facility lighting from a static component of the building infrastructure into an intelligent network that can uniquely support the growing number of AI + IoT smart-space ventures seeking to overcome network cost and complexity constraints to adoption.

The Deco technology opens the door to adoption of connected lighting and smart-space services to the 98% of the market that previously considered it too complicated and expensive.

Deco also announced a strategic technology partnership with Aruba Networks, a HP Enterprise company, that will allow Aruba’s extensive line of commercial access points (APs) to act as a DecoMesh gateway to deliver truly affordable networked lighting control with built-in IoT capabilities to existing and new commercial and industrial buildings. Every building already using Aruba Networks APs can now easily add individual wireless control of LED lighting in areas where the APs have been installed. This radically changes the wireless lighting control “Go to Market” landscape as Aruba’s network of systems integrators, who already have relationships with multitudes of end user customers, now will be looking for electrical industry partners to help them expand the sale of Aruba hardware and software via the sale of wireless connected lighting. Over the next several months, Deco will be rolling this new initiative out to its current and new manufacturer rep partners that see this game-changing relationship and partnership with Aruba Networks as a huge opportunity to expand their reach to existing and new customers.

“Many years ago, we were the first company to re-introduce induction lighting at a time when everyone was convinced HID lighting was the only source for outdoor lighting,” stated Sam Sinai, Founder of Deco Lighting. “We now are redefining what a networked lighting control system looks like and greatly expanding who can offer an integrated, low-cost wireless solution that has future IoT capabilities right out of the box. We look forward to working with reps, distributors, and contractors that see this as a tremendous opportunity to grow their importance to their customers and also their business at the same time.”

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DECO Lighting - The Emerging Wireless Lighting Control Standard

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