Douglas Lighting Controls Introduces Next Generation Lighting Control Unit

Douglas Lighting Controls Introduces Next Generation Lighting Control Unit


Douglas Lighting Controls, a member of the Panasonic family of companies, announced the introduction of its next generation Dialog® Lighting Control Unit (LCU) to manage centralized facility or multi-facility lighting applications. The LCU Controller is located in a relay panel and acts as the main processor of the Dialog Lighting Control System, which includes wall switches, dimmers, daylight and occupancy sensors, control cards and other peripheral devices.

By connecting switches and sensors to the LCU via the 2-wire network, control over the entire floor is centralized while still providing the capability for individual room control. The LCU’s 6.25” x 3.75” touchscreen interface can be used for adding or changing system settings; a web browser permits direct access from a laptop or remote access over the Internet; and its USB port can be used for memory backup. Other features, such as quick diagnostic checks via on-controller LED and native BACnet capabilities, make the LCU an integral part of any high-performance Building Management System.

“Facilities managers and end users looking for complete control at facility, floor, area and room levels will love the Dialog system’s ease of use,” said Rob Mahaffey, general manager for Douglas Lighting Controls. “The LCU’s demand response feature enables users to commission their lighting systems at scale, enhancing time savings and allowing them to focus on other priorities throughout their day.”

The LCU can also program scenes, store group information and run time schedules, all while managing a system of up to 252 relays and dimmers. For large projects where the network size exceeds a single LCU output limit, such as multi-story office towers, stadiums, campuses and other large spaces, additional LCUs are added to the network. As part of the Dialog system, the LCU is frequently integrated with touchscreen panels, computers and iPads® for system control. Multiple LCUs can also be managed from a centralized control station.

All Dialog Centralized Control Systems are built project specific, factory programmed and tested in-house before shipping. On-site support for commissioning is provided as needed.

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