Drivers, Drivers, Everywhere?

Drivers, Drivers, Everywhere?

Organize Them Effortlessly with VLT’s LED Driver Power Panels

Large retail, commercial and hospitality projects can require so many drivers…where do you put them all? With VLT’s LED Driver Power Panels you can have tidy storage, easy access and simplified trouble-shooting, all in a clean and secure wall-mount enclosure. Power Panels arrive on site with drivers neatly pre-wired for up to 64 low-voltage outputs. A single line voltage input feeds power to every driver, saving on electrician time, and the UL Listed panels are custom-configured and labeled for your application.

Each 48″ x 36″x 4.56″ Power Panel holds as many as 16 eldoLED constant current drivers, up to 14 Meanwell constant voltage drivers paired with an eldoLED LINEARdrive control module, or a custom mix of CC and CV drivers.  All units allow easy integration with DALI, DMX or 1-10v control systems for smooth, flicker-free dimming down to zero with full control of the dimming curve.

Use LED Driver Power Panels with VLT LED lighting products, LED products from other lighting manufacturers, or a mixture of the two. For more information, visit the Drivers & Controls section of their website at:

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