DuPont Personal Protection Announces Launch of Thermo-Hand Technical Evaluation Unit

One-of-a-kind demonstration tool aids in evaluation of thermal hand protection performance

DuPont announced the launch of Thermo-Hand™, the latest burn evaluation unit created to demonstrate the heat and flame protection performance of emerging glove options that are designed to meet the updated NFPA standard. Thermo-Hand™ simulates a full-scale flash fire exposure and was developed to help industrial workers better understand the range of options available for effective thermal hand protection.

In recent years, the NFPA updated two standards, NFPA 2112 and NFPA 2113. These standards include glove specifications for industrial flash fire protection, minimum performance criteria and testing guidelines for FR garments, and provide hand protection guidance for oil & gas and chemical industries to help minimize safety risks. The Thermo-Hand™ unit helps provide a visual means of enabling industrial PPE specifiers and end-users to understand the inherent flame risks and corresponding levels of thermal hand performance and protection available via demos in controlled burn situations. In addition, Thermo-Hand™ provides a means to educate industrial workers on the durability, heat and flame resistance of hand protection solutions.

“The Thermo-Hand™ unit provides a new, highly innovative means of evaluating hand protection options, and seeing the levels of thermal performance in action. This is yet another way we’re demonstrating our long-standing commitment to helping industrial workers get the job done safely, whether it’s through our wide range of PPE options or via our state-of-the-art testing demos,” said David Domnisch, global business leader, DuPont Personal Protection. “It is my hope that the Thermo-Hand™ unit will enable both PPE specifiers and end-users to be better informed when making critical decisions concerning FR hand protection.”

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 DuPont Personal Protection Announces Launch of Thermo-Hand Technical Evaluation Unit

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