Earthtronics UFO LED Highbay with Networked Lighting Controls

EarthTronics introduces its UFO LED Highbay with Networked Lighting Controls to deliver maximum lighting efficiency for 15-to-25-foot mounting heights when replacing up to 400-watt HID fixtures in either the U.S. or Canada.

Available in 5000K with an 80+ CRI for excellent visual acuity and accuracy when working in manufacturing and warehousing applications. EarthTronics UFO LED Highbay fixtures are available in 100 watt, 150 watt, 200 watt and 240 watts, providing 14000 lumens up to 33600 lumens operating at 140 lumens per watt. The die-cast aluminum housing, combined with its unique open center ventilated LED array, allows excellent heat dissipation resulting in high lumen maintenance over its service life. Its high-quality LED chips, powder coat finish and stainless-steel screws provide a corrosion-resistant operation, enabling an exceptional 50,000-hour performance life.

The UFO LED Highbay fixture is DLC Premium, UL/CUL listed, and RoHS compliant.  It is also NSF listed for food processing installations and is IP65 rating for wet location use. This product is designed for use in North America.   Two electronic driver options are available.  One operating at 100 – 277VAC 50-60Hz and another at 100-347VAC 50-60Hz, for use in both the USA and Canada, respectively.   0 – 10 volt dimming function is included with both. UFO LED Highbay also comes with 4kV surge protection built into the fixture and a five-year warranty.  Optional accessories include an emergency backup driver, microwave motion sensor and remote-controlled sensor.

Each fixture is designed to accept a simple “twist-on” full featured sensor that allows for simple occupancy sensing as well as daylight harvesting and dim to off functions. Also standard is a 12 volt DC power supply for operating optional network lighting controls.

Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, auditoriums and gymnasiums, the UFO LED Highbay fixture is designed to operate at temperatures between -40°F and 122°F. The fixture may be accepted for utility rebates in many markets. Consult EarthTronics Rebate Finder for current utility incentives at Rebate Finder – Highbay UFO.

For more information about the UFO LED Highbay from EarthTronics, visit LED UFO Highbay.

Earthtronics UFO LED Highbay with Networked Lighting Controls

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