Eaton Enables Connected Solutions for Retail, Hospitality, Commercial and Specialty Spaces with Next Generation Recessed Multi-head LED Luminaires

Eaton Enables Connected Solutions for Retail, Hospitality, Commercial and Specialty Spaces with Next Generation Recessed Multi-head LED Luminaires


Eaton recently launched the RSA MRZ family of architectural recessed multi-head luminaires, offering a wide breadth of features and options including Eaton’s WaveLinx or LumaWatt Pro sensors, which enable a full spectrum of wireless and connected lighting solutions. The family is designed to provide accent, wall wash and ambient lighting in retail, hospitality, commercial and specialty spaces including museums, churches and high-end homes.

“Our MRZ luminaires offer a multitude of versatile options and features from a surprisingly economical vantage point, making it easier for designers to provide highly functional, yet aesthetically pleasing solutions,” said Ryan Rodau, general manager, Architectural Products, Eaton. “With the option to include the WaveLinx or LumaWatt Pro connected lighting systems, our customers can go beyond controlling light to solve higher complexity problems and manage comfort, productivity and energy savings in their environments.”

Eaton’s MRZ family is available with one, two, three or four integral LED head configurations and a choice of three optical distributions including 25 degrees (narrow flood), 40 degrees (flood) and 55 degrees (wide flood) to accommodate accenting needs. Each adjustable fixture head allows for 45-degree tilt and 365-degree rotation for full aiming flexibility, putting the light exactly where it’s needed. These optics are also interchangeable in the field. In addition, a variety of industry standard lenses and louvers are available to help shape the light distribution including Linear Spread Lens, Soft Focus Lens, Hex Louver and Snoot.

The fixtures are available with a flanged trim option for acoustical tile, which features a slim 0.75-inch trim to help hide any imperfections from cutouts of ceiling materials or a mud-in trim for gypsum board ceilings for a clean and trim less look. A tapered trim of 0.8-inch helps contractors have minimal depth variance.

Additional options available include: A choice of 2700 Kelvin (K), 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures and 80+ or 97+ color rendering index; Three housing and trim color option choices of white housing and white trim; black housing and black trim; and black housing with white trim; Multiple lumen packages ranging from 250 to 1700 lumens per head; An emergency battery pack option to aide in fixture conditions needing egress outputs.

The option to include Eaton’s WaveLinx system provides a simple-to-install, wireless, code-compliant and cost-effective connected lighting system that allows building managers to easily adjust settings through a mobile app with no need to go back into the system interface – even after the project has finished. Eaton’s optional, advanced LumaWatt Pro wireless connected lighting system helps customers maximize potential energy savings by incorporating the MRZ fixtures in a distributed network of smart LED lighting fixtures with wireless sensing capabilities that capture real-time data on lighting energy performance, space utilization, real time location services and building system integration.

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