Eaton Fuels the Next Generation of Manufacturing Innovation in El Paso, Texas

Eaton Fuels the Next Generation of Manufacturing Innovation in El Paso, Texas

 State-of-the-art facility moves to production, delivers more than 150 jobs to the local community with hiring expected to continue into 2020

Demonstrating its dedication to leadership in manufacturing, power management company Eaton announced that the company’s new manufacturing facility in El Paso, Texas, is now operating two production lines after hiring more than 150 employees in just six months, with additional hiring expected as the facility continues toward its goal of hiring more than 200 workers. Onboarding and training these new colleagues is consistent with Eaton’s commitment to educating the next generation of industry professionals and raising up new leaders in the field.

“When Eaton chose El Paso as the location for our new facility, we knew the community was home to a skilled and diverse manufacturing talent pool,” said Alex Mora, plant manager, Eaton. “As we continue to scale operations, we’re committed to finding and developing the best and brightest individuals as we seek to close the industry skills gap and provide workers with the training and experience they need to succeed, now and in the future.”

Eaton’s 280,000-square-foot El Paso facility launched in April 2019 with the goal of operating production lines to manufacture power distribution equipment for use in applications including commercial buildings, data centers and industrial facilities. The facility began shipping product from its switchboard product line in late April 2019 and its motor control center product line in July 2019. All employees at Eaton’s El Paso facility complete a thorough training program that includes receiving safety certification from standards organization UL.

“We take pride in creating a world-class culture driven by professionals dedicated to safety, continuous improvement and going beyond the status quo,” said Mora. “We empower employees to innovate new processes, techniques and solutions that incorporate the latest manufacturing trends and adapt to evolving market dynamics. The El Paso community has been incredibly supportive of our efforts and have given us the resources we need to identify the right people to meet our needs and the needs of Eaton’s customers.”

Eaton is committed to preparing the workforce of today to help bridge the gap between industry needs and education. Eaton is addressing the skills gap through long-term investments in higher education, partnerships with recognized industry and regional organizations and targeted training programs. To learn more about Eaton’s efforts to empower the next generation of industry professionals, visit

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