Eaton Introduces the new 9SX Tower UPS Models in ANZ for Advanced Protection

Eaton Introduces the new 9SX Tower UPS Models in ANZ for Advanced Protection



Power management company Eaton announced the introduction of the 9SX Tower Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) portfolio in Australia and New Zealand. The Eaton 9SX Tower UPS offers flexibility and advanced protection for IT and small data centre infrastructure, as well as for networking, storage, industrial, medical and telecom applications.

The new model extends the existing superior badged UPS to the online double conversion UPS models across a power range from 700VA to 6kVA in pure tower form.

The Eaton 9SX Tower series is the successor to Eaton’s market-leading 9130 Tower UPS range, launched in 2008 and known for its strong price and performance ratio. The 9SX range builds on the features found in Eaton’s 9130 product family and adds new capabilities, including:

Energy metering to track energy consumption, by monitoring kWh values, at the UPS level;  Improved LCD display with more parameters to give quick and precise UPS status updates; Display information on recommended battery replacement dates; Automatic Extended Battery Module (EBM) recognition.

“Our 9SX Tower range expands upon the top features of the 9130 Tower range to deliver a product that caters to the unique landscape of ANZ’s modern-day IT and data centre infrastructure,” said Gavin Swadling, National Channel Manager ANZ, Eaton. “A driving force behind what we do at Eaton is to support organizations by providing top-notch power management solutions that enable a variety of digital solutions to run at the highest levels of efficiency. With the 9SX Tower, our customers now have access to an enhanced suite of options that allows them to stay ahead in Australia and New Zealand’s growing technology landscape.”

The 9SX Tower range features Eaton’s market-leading technologies to ensure that customers are provided with competitive prices and performance ratios. The 9SX Tower has a power factor of 0.9, which means it provides greater real power (watts) to ensure more protection of equipment. It is also designed to be even more reliable, thanks to a robust topology and it uses double conversion technology to constantly monitor power (voltage and frequency) conditions and initiate automatic bypass in the event of an overload or UPS failure.

When paired with virtualisation-ready Intelligent Power Manager software, monitoring and management of the 9SX Tower can be done in virtual-management platforms, such as VMware vCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V. This enables IT professionals to easily configure policy-based automation for power events, such as automated disaster recovery policies, controlled shut down, load shedding and cloud orchestrator integration.

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