Ecoobuy Inc. – Announces Open House

Ecoobuy Inc. - Announces Open House

LA VERNE, CA- Ecoobuy Inc. announced that their Open House will take place at the company’s offices / warehouse location at 1820 Yeager Ave., La Verne, CA on Thursday, December 5th from 2:30 to 5:30 pm. The Open House will feature beer, food and fun for Electrical Contractors and showcase the cutting-edge LED lighting products and solutions that Ecoobuy Inc. provides. 

According to CEO Kevin Li, “Ecoobuy’s focus is delivering high quality LED lighting solutions at direct source pricing. Our goal is to revolutionize the LED pricing model.” “We want to invite ECs to join the revolution,” said Sandy Hernandez, Sales Manager at Ecoobuy Inc.

With the upcoming Ecoobuy Inc. Open House just around the corner, the team at Ecoobuy has been hard at work getting all the details planned for a great event. Much work has been put into the most important question we felt ECs would have: What beer will be served at the Open House? We want to assure our ECs that we have been taste testing and debating which beer would be branded the “Ecoobuy Brew”. Collectively and individually, the team at Ecoobuy has tasted brews at most of Southern California’s best breweries. 

One of the best brews that the team declared worthy of our ECs, just happened to be down the block… Yes, ECs, we have selected for your enjoyment on December 5th from 2:30 to 5:30, La Verne Brewery’s, “Royal Blonde” and “Jefe Lager”, but the best part, the La Verne Brewery’s own beer expert will be dispensing beer notes along with this spectacular beer into your very own “Join the Revolution” Ecoobuy pint glass for your collection! And as our team at Ecoobuy is expert in just about everything LED & beer, here are some background.

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