ELCO Lighting Expands Sunset Warm Dim Options

ELCO Lighting Expands Sunset Warm Dim Options

You may not have heard of sunset dimming, but you’ve probably wished you had.

ELCO Lighting’s Sunset warm dimming doesn’t refer to the LED color temperature curve when dimmed. The lower the brightness, the warmer the color. Which is exactly what the sun emits as it sets, preparing us all for a calmer transition into night. For years, the incandescent bulb brilliantly mimicked this natural light and created a beautiful ambiance. But many have failed to move that over to efficient LED technology. 

Now in the LED world, we yearn to gradually shift from a cooler daylight white to a warmer evening glow and still retain energy efficiency. Well, yearn no more. ELCO is doing it!

ELCO, recently implemented warm dimming options across many of their already popular products: 1″ low voltage 600 lm Oak™ System, 2″ 850-1100 lm Teak™ System, 3″ and 4″ Koto™ Modular System, The Cedar™ System, The architectural Laurel™ System, 4″ 5″ and 6″ inserts as well as LED track lighting.  

These products produce an immaculate 3000K color temperature with a flawless smooth curve that warms down to a cozy 1800K. Lighting designers and specifiers from across the country are excited to see such a large selection, and ELCO believes you will feel the same.   

With the ever-changing LED technology, ELCO is continuously looking for ways to better provide customers with the options they need. Whether it’s residential or commercial projects, ELCO has the right downlighting product for you. 

Visit: www.elcolighting.com.

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