EOS Light Launches New LightShow LED Displays

EOS Light, long known for its architectural LightPanel and LightPaper backlighting products for impressive decorative & signage applications, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest line, LightShow LED Mesh Displays.

LightShow displays use flexible, connected panels or “sheets” of LEDs that can be wrapped, draped or folded into nearly any shape. Applications can include anything from dynamic messaging, to full-motion video, to decorative overhead lighting. They can also of course be used for backlighting, whether on flat surfaces or with installations on curved or stepped surfaces.

The displays are thin, lightweight, linkable, and easy to install, making them perfect for large-format applications. LightShow Mesh Displays are available in different “LED densities” to suit your unique purposes, depending on the resolution requirements of your full-motion video, for example.

Visit eoslight.com for additional details about exciting new EOS LightShow LED Mesh Displays.

EOS Light Launches New LightShow LED Displays

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