Espen Technology Expands Versatile Emergency Inverter Line

Espen Technology, a leading manufacturer of indoor, LED lighting solutions, has released its 8W EM inverter, as an expansion of its versatile line of emergency lighting inverters.  Model # VEMB8-10V (S), the new 8W EM inverter is ideal for a large number of applications, and joins the 5W, 10W, 15W, and 20W models, with many of the same features.

The new 8W model is designed to provide emergency back-up power for the following Espen products, up to 50W: TLEDs (Types A, B, and C), Commercial downlights, and All retrofit kits.

The inverter can provide back-up lighting for 0-10V dimmable fixtures as well as non-dimming fixtures.  When typical emergency inverters are paired with 0-10V dimming fixtures, dimmed fixtures during a power outage don’t come on at full inverter power, to meet code-required light levels.  The VEMB8W-10V (S) overrides any 0-10V dimming command and forces the luminaire to operate at full inverter back-up power, for safe light levels during a power outage.

Additional performance features include: exceptional input voltage range of 120 – 347VAC; indoor and outdoor rated enclosure & 13” flex conduit; Up to 50W load; Self-testing monthly, CEC; cULus listed to UL924.

“This 8W EM inverter is extremely versatile,” stated John Clancy, SVP of sales and marketing at Espen Technology.  Clancy added, “The product is currently in stock, and we’re seeing strong demand for its versatility and 0-10V dimming override feature.”

For more information about Espen’s extensive line of LED retrofit solutions, visit:

Espen Technology Expands Versatile Emergency Inverter Line

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