Espen Technology Launches New Line of Linear LED Module Retrofit Kits 

Espen Technology Launches New Line of Linear LED Module Retrofit Kits 


Espen Technology has launched a new line of linear LED module retrofit kits, for any fixtures with T8, HO, VHO, T5HE and T5HO lamps.  The module retrofit kits are available in 2’, 3’, and 4’ lengths.  The module kits provide full illumination of the retrofitted fixture.  Each module kit contains Espen drivers and modules, ensuring high quality, service life, and end user ROI.  The module retrofits come with a diffusing cover, providing even diffuse light.  It only takes minutes to install the module retrofit kits, reducing labor costs.

“These LED module retrofits use true multi-channel parallel operation.  Regardless if a customer delamps or if a module fails at end of life, it won’t cause other modules to be over-driven.” said John Clancy, VP of Sales at Espen.   Clancy added, “Module kits from other manufacturers put modules together in single-channel parallel operation.  If one or more modules go out, the rest will be over-driven, leading to accelerated failure.  Espen has a superior, full line of module retrofit kits.”

The 2’, 3’, and 4’ retrofit kits provide an ideal way to upgrade fluorescent linear fixtures, preserving investment in the existing fixture housing.  The kit provides all of the components needed to perform the change out quickly and efficiently, permitting system upgrades without disturbing the ceiling. The 2’ modules come in 18W – 2400 lumen and 36W – 4800 lumen systems.  The 3’ modules come in 24W – 3400 lumen and 48W – 6800 lumen systems.  The 4’ modules come in 24W, 26W, 48W, and 52W options, producing 3400, 3640, 6700, 6800, and 7280 system lumen packages.  All of the module kits are offered in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K CCTs, meet UL 1598C, and are RoHS compliant.

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