ETAP Lighting International Offers New Solutions for Architectural Office Lighting

Lighting specialist ETAP Lighting International is launching a new lighting solution as part of its modular LEY range. Its new luminaires can be fully recessed into ceilings, which offers architects virtually endless possibilities. The range is now also available with a microprism optic. “We now have the perfect solution for offices, showrooms, meeting rooms and corridors. It gives designers great freedom and offers maximum visual comfort to office workers and visitors,” Product Manager Jérome Keller says.

ETAP launched the LEY range in 2019. The range’s development has focused on perfectly finished luminaires that combine effortlessly to form sleek light lines. The different combinations offered by LEY luminaires can create light lines that follow the architecture perfectly to accentuate the building’s design.

At first, the range only offered modular pendant, surface-mounted and wall-mounted luminaires with a shielded lens or diffuser optic. ETAP is now complementing those with the launch of a new product line with LEY modules that can be fully recessed into the ceiling and can have a microprism optic as well. The microprism optic combines a clear, diffuse effect and a low level of glare (UGR ≤ 19), which makes it ideally suited to office environments.

Thanks to the small dimensions (60 mm wide) and continuous diffuser optic (up to 50 m without any boundaries), these new modular luminaires can be used to create clean, recessed light lines on the ceiling. Like the rest of the LEY range, the luminaires can have a grey, black or white finish.

Jérome Keller: “We know that architects and interior designers are looking for more aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions to enrich their architectural or interior design concepts. Our pendant, surface-mounted and wall-mounted luminaires already met this need. The new range now also offers recessed luminaires with the same technical functionality and finish. The new microprism diffuser optic also offers more visual comfort.”

ETAP’s application areas include offices, conference rooms, entrance halls, showrooms, open spaces and so on. “The creative possibilities are endless. Clients can easily and quickly configure our solutions online to completely tailor them to their needs. And we make sure all the possible documents and data are available,” Jérome Keller adds. “ETAP guarantees high-quality, high-performance and perfectly finished lighting solutions.”

The LEY range has been developed with an eye for circularity and is manufactured entirely in Malle, Belgium. More than 85% of the aluminium ETAP uses has been recycled. Furthermore, all our components are assembled with screws, so that the fittings can be easily maintained and dismantled.

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ETAP Lighting International Offers New Solutions for Architectural Office Lighting

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