Eureka Introduces Contemporary Interior LED Pendant

Eureka Introduces Contemporary Interior LED Pendant



Eureka announced the release of its Verner pendant. The “deco-performance” fixture combines high light output with a geometric aesthetic to enhance interior spaces while providing useable light. With no visible hardware, the pendant is intended for use in high ceiling applications, open areas or spaces where diminished focus on the ceiling is the aim.

A new take on a modern yet timeless shape with clean lines and simplicity, Verner’s contemporary look is completed with a classic spherical diffuser. The cone-like shade ensures that light is directed downwards and is therefore suited to applications where designers want to avoid indirect light illuminating the ceiling.

Verner is designed for applications where a high output of downlight is required as much as a simple decorative element. Verner’s powerful LED light source delivers 2,400 lumens in the standard version and more than 4,200 lumens in the HO (high output) version.

Available in 3000K, 3500K or 4000K, Verner can be cable or stem mounted. The exterior finish can be black or white as standard, while the interior of the shade remains white for optimal light reflection.

“Verner was created by assembling three basic geometric volumes,” said Francois Renaud, Director of Design for Eureka. “A cylinder and a cone were combined for the shade and a sphere added for the diffuser. The result is a minimalist yet dynamic and powerful light fixture.”

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