Evluma AreaMax Evolves:  LED Luminaire Offers Extraordinary Lumen Output, More Options

Evluma AreaMax Evolves:  LED Luminaire Offers Extraordinary Lumen Output, More Options 


The evolution continues as LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces an updated release of its AreaMax LED street and area light product family. Utilizing premium performance LEDs from leading vendors, the updated AreaMax leaps ahead of competitors in efficacy, achieving up to 160 lm/W, and over a 40% increase in light output over previous models. Adding to the 40W, 55W and 70W options, Evluma breaks out with an 80W and 100W option on the high end as a true 250W HID replacement and a 30W option on the low end. All wattages are offered in Type III or Type V light distributions and in a wide range of correlated color temperatures (CCT): 2700K to 5000K.

While the updated product line offers efficacy improvements and a more uniform light distribution, the AreaMax retains its distinctive soft, diffuse light. Evluma’s proven 20kV/10kA surge protection is still offered standard with every luminaire and the company has chosen to maintain the classic lightweight housing. Photocontrol Failsafe, the maintenance saving technology that eliminates the need to replace failed photocontrols, is built-in to every model. The AreaMax is backed by a 10-year warranty; the same comprehensive warranty Evluma has offered since 2014.

“With the significant increase in lumen output, current customers can maintain their existing lighting program, but can choose to transition to lower wattages,” says Evluma VP of Sales and Marketing David Tanonis. Evluma recommends that current 40W customers purchase the 30W product, and current 70W customers purchase the new 55W model for comparative light output but for less watts. Evluma continues to offer a Dark-Sky Friendly model for those concerned with light pollution and trespass. The light shield accessory has also been updated.

The updated, 2018 AreaMax line will function with Evluma’s ConnectLED app, however, current license holders may need to update their copy of the app.

For more information, visit evluma.com.

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