Fast and Easy Way to Install 4O Compatible Devices in Drop Grid Ceilings

Orbit’s Preassembled SSB-TBAR with UMAB-4R (Model No. SSBT-4R) is a ready-to-install solution for mounting 4” round junction boxes into drop ceilings. SSBT-4R provides superior adjustability over previous methods; greatly reduces contractor planning time; and ensures devices sit flush with ceiling tiles.

Prior to the SSBT-4R, electrical contractors typically used fixed or adjustable t-grid box hangers to install sensors, exit lighting, wafer lights, and other 4O box-mounted devices. These t-grid hangers came with several loose pieces; had a tendency to “teeter”; were cumbersome to install; did not include a box; and required repetitive measuring on every single installation. Add to that, most building plans do not state the depth of acoustical ceiling tiles, and tile depth can vary from room to room. This state of “flying blind” meant that ECs could do little in the way of prefabricating box brackets prior to stepping on the job site.

Now, Orbit’s Preassembled SSB-TBAR with UMAB-4R combines the box and bar hanger into one solution. SSBT-4R makes it possible for contractors to plan ahead, save hours of on-site measuring, and adapt to changes quickly…all with a simplified ordering process!

The SSBT-4R’s telescoping bracket adjusts from 15″- 25″ and includes clips that snap easily into T-grid channel. The bracket slides laterally along the 2’ side of a grid ceiling cavity. Its rigid, double-rail design prevents tile sag. Contact between the bracket and tile also prevents any box “wobble”, and makes for a lower profile than previous hangers. Bracket clips include screw provisions for securing to the T-grid, in compliance with NEC 314.23 (D) (1).

Assembled to the bracket is Orbit’s Universal Mounting Adjustable 4″ Octagon Box (UMAB-4R). The UMAB-4R can snap on and off the bracket rails without tools, and slides laterally along the bracket until set in place with a screw. UMAB-4R consists of a 2-1/8” deep 4” octagon box with a special built-in mounting adapter. This adapter allows for adjustment of the 4O box from 0″ – 1-1/2″ via outside adjustment screws. This allows the contractor to “float” device trim up and down to match tile depth. 4O box includes a 10″ grounding pigtail, further reducing time spent ordering, cutting, and attaching wire.

Altogether, the SSBT-4R gives contractors 6-WAY ADJUSTABILITY – in both horizontal and vertical directions. 4O boxes can be raised to the anticipated tile depth in the prefab shop, so they’re ready-to-install onsite. Once installed, boxes can be re-located quickly if needed; and device height can be adjusted on the spot. SSBT-4R ships pre-assembled for a fast install and a simple, one-item ordering process. It also features several factory-designated holes for branch line restraints to comply with most building codes. SSBT-4R is Patented and UL Listed.

For mounting 4O box compatible devices direct to wall studs, purchase the UMAB-4R by itself. To mount devices between wall studs (or between hard lid ceiling joists), pair the UMAB-4R with Orbit’s Simple Support Bracket (SSB-T5). 

To request evaluation sample of Orbits Preassembled SSB-TBAR with UMAB-4R, please call 1-844-909-0695, or log onto

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