FFL Products Now Available with Surface Mount Kit

FFL Products Now Available with Surface Mount Kit

LumenFocus’ FFL series of lay-in LED luminaires is now available with an optional kit for surface mounting.

The Surface Mount Kit (SMK) is quickly and easily assembled in the field. The box has a steel frame with an aesthetically pleasing matte white finish. The SMK allows customers to have the same function and appearance of the rest of the FormFocus product line in a surface-mounted package.

All of the options available in the standard FormFocus lay-ins, such as the Philips EasySense occupancy/daylight sensor, are available with the surface mount kits.

The SMK is available for the FFL 2×4, 2×2 and 1×4 options. On the FFL2R (dual-row lay-in), as well as the FFL2R HO (“High Output” version), the kit is available for the 2×2 and the 2×4.

LumenFocus now also offers a Frame-In kit for FormFocus products. This kit can be used to convert a concealed or drywall ceiling to be able to utilize the luminaire.

The FFL is available in a wide variety of lumen outputs for maximum versatility. The low profile and lightweight housing allow for easy installation. Specific models are DLC or DLC Premium listed. A matching retrofit kit, the FFR, is available to match the style and performance of the FFL. This kit can be installed within 3-5 minutes, depending on the model.

The FFL2R features the same function and versatility of the FFL but with a unique and modern dual-row design.

Learn more at: www.lumenfocus.com.

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