Focal Point ID+ 3.5″ Adjustable Accent Small, Powerful, Flexible 

 Focal Point ID+ 3.5" Adjustable Accent Small, Powerful, Flexible 


Designed to provide a solution for residential and commercial spaces, the ID+ 3.5″ Adjustable Accent is the latest addition to the ever-expanding downlight family from Focal Point. Intended for both grid and drywall ceilings, the low-profile housing with a 3.5″ aperture accommodates round and square die-cast trims and trimless reflectors in six finish options, providing a host of solutions for any architectural application.

Installation and maintenance are made easy with tool-less adjustability and below ceiling driver access. It accommodates diverse and changing design needs while achieving precise aiming with 362° rotation and 0° to 35° vertical tilt, while maintaining a maximum height of 3.12” at full tilt. Four field changeable beam spread optics: spot, narrow flood, flood and linear spread add to its versatility. Small and flexible, the ID+ 3.5” Adjustable Accent also packs power with a center beam candlepower (CBCP) of up to 12,360 candelas, the highest in the industry for its petite size.

The ID+ 3.5″ Adjustable Accent is an extension to the ID+ 3.5″ Downlight and Wall Wash and a companion to the Focal Point ID+ Family of downlights, which offers a range with apertures from 2.5″ to 8″, and high-lumen options for application from shallow ceilings to high bay areas. As with all Focal Point ID+ LED downlights, this latest introduction features RightLight™ and ChromaSure® technologies that ensure lumen and color consistency as LED technology upgrades occur. In addition, wattages and lumen outputs can be custom programmed to meet the needs of each project.

Offered at a very competitive price point, and as part of Focal Point’s Quickship program, the ID+ 3.5″ Adjustable Accent is an ideal adjustable downlight solution for specifiers and contractors alike.

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