Focal Point Introduces New Multi-Function Healthcare Lighting Solution: Apollo 8 LED 

Focal Point Introduces New Multi-Function Healthcare Lighting Solution: Apollo 8 LED 


With Apollo 8 LED, Focal Point designed the next generation of healthcare luminaires: a multi-function luminaire that provides an enhanced patient experience while meeting clinical requirements in healthcare applications. A collaboration with Curbell Medical Products, the leading provider of low voltage controllers for medical applications, makes specification easy while meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and improving patient comfort.

The 8” x 4’ linear recessed LED luminaire is available in three configurations and supports the common considerations for healthcare design: comfort, function, safety, sustainability, and health and wellness. Its clean form with soft curves imparts visual appeal, while its durable construction meets clinical requirements. A smooth acrylic diffuser with internal ribs provides even illumination and easy wipe down. The secure lens, silicone gasket, and antimicrobial finish ensure protection from contamination and inhibit microorganism growth.

Apollo 8 LED was thoughtfully designed, its architectural aesthetic combined with superior performance support diverse areas of healthcare environments: corridors, areas of respite, patient rooms, and examination areas. Its powerful, glare-free illumination meets the requirements of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Lighting for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities (ANSI/IES RP-29-16) standards, delivering the recommended general, exam, and reading illumination levels in patient and examination rooms. Utilizing an asymmetric focusing optic, the exam function delivers shadow-free, uniform illumination onto patient beds. Meanwhile, the reading light is strategically angled for optimal surface plane illuminance and patient comfort. Apollo 8 LED provides flexibility in designing for the individual needs of a space with a variety of color temperatures (3000K – 5000K), standard options of 80 and 90 CRI, and efficiencies greater than 100 LPW for all configurations. As part of the Right Light™ program from Focal Point, Apollo 8 LED contains tunable drivers to allow for custom wattage and lumen outputs to be specified within the standard range.

“Apollo 8 LED is a holistic solution for healthcare facilities, the integration of the Curbell low voltage controller allows for the ultimate patient control and comfort while accommodating the needs of healthcare professionals,” said Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Office for Focal Point, LLC. A custom low voltage controller is designed to operate up to three separate loads to support the three configuration options of Apollo 8 LED: Ambient only, Ambient with Exam, and Ambient with Exam and Reading Light. The use of low voltage controls allows patients to safely dim the luminaires using a pillow speaker, while also providing flexibility for healthcare professionals to control the luminaire from a wall switch. The LVC provides on/off, step or smooth dimming options for the ambient and reading functions, while the exam function operates as on/off only.

In addition to addressing patient comfort and healthcare professional needs, Apollo 8 LED is engineered for easy installation and maintenance. It provides below ceiling LED board and driver access, and a simple electrical quick connect with tandem thru-wire connection. Due to the master/satellite configuration, service can be completed through a single luminaire, reducing maintenance time and costs.

The introduction of Apollo 8 LED has expanded Focal Point’s offering of healthcare luminaires and supports its mission to create lighting solutions that enhance architecture and elevate the human spirit. The leading commercial luminaire manufacturer will continue to spread its mission through the development of value-added, energy efficient, human-centric lighting solutions.

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