Focal Point to Offer Perspective on Lighting Quality at September LED Specifier Summit Workshops

Focal Point to Offer Perspective on Lighting Quality at September LED Specifier Summit Workshops



CHICAGO, IL – With the growing trend toward more human-centric designs in the commercial marketplace, it is good timing for Focal Point’s Matthew Blakeley to tackle the topic of light quality and human preference at the upcoming LED Specifier Summits in Denver and Seattle.

Blakeley is the Engineering Director, New Product Development for Chicago-based Focal Point. He has devoted the last 10 years to examining product development for both the lighting control and luminaire industries. In addition to handling new luminaire product introductions, he also leads the company’s “Quality of Light” and “Connected Lighting” initiatives.

Blakeley is scheduled to talk about “Advances in Quality of Light – Lighting for Human Preference”, during a free educational workshop on September 6 in Denver and September 25 in Seattle.

“The technology available to us today means we can expand beyond the norm for commercial space lighting. For many years, most of the attention has been directed at maximizing efficiency,” said Blakeley, who earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering.

“When it comes to designing interior spaces,” continued Blakeley, “we should be addressing the quality of light as it relates to human preference factors. The latest research on color preference supports this. I’ll discuss these findings and other related topics, such as why the IES TM 30 is an improved metric for determining the quality of light, at both workshops.”

One way for designers to specify a light quality that humans prefer, in alignment with the findings from multiple independent studies, is to select Preferred Light from Focal Point. The uniquely engineered solution uses advanced LED technology to deliver lighting that renders more natural skin tones, richer wood tones and more vibrant colors, and that contributes to human well-being in interior spaces.

The Denver LED Specifier Summit will be held at the Colorado Convention Center on September 6, with Blakeley’s workshop beginning at 3:15 p.m. The Seattle event on September 25 will take place at the Washington State Convention Center. Blakeley’s discussion will be held at 1:15 p.m.

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