Founders of SupplyHub, Sam Sinai and Ben Pouladian, are featured in Forbes Magazine for taking the Field to Challenge Amazon Business

 Founders of SupplyHub, Sam Sinai and Ben Pouladian, are featured in Forbes Magazine for taking the Field to Challenge Amazon Business


LOS ANGELES, CA– SupplyHub’s founders Sam Sinai and Ben Pouladian were recently covered by the prestigious Forbes Magazine. SupplyHub was reviewed on Forbes by Larry Myler, author of Indispensable By Monday, who lends his extensive knowledge in B2B sales strategies to a. The Forbes feature brings SupplyHub to the forefront of the Business-to-Business landscape, and thus puts the all-new B2B platform in a favorable position against Amazon Business.

“Instead of seventy huge fulfillment centers across the U.S., SupplyHub engages over 2,300 small, mid and large size independent distributors. This larger network allows us to connect customers with the perfect distributors to fit their individual needs—distributors that are conveniently located and provide fast service with the level of expertise required to produce a satisfying buying experience every single time,” Says Sam Sinai, Co-Founder of SupplyHub.

Already being pioneers and innovators in the industrial lighting manufacturing industry, Ben and Sam wanted to take a new approach to B2B platforms that would give buyers and sellers an alternative to Amazon. SupplyHub is geared towards the industrial wholesaler and manufacturer, to help them thrive in the online marketplace. With an extensive network of large and mid-size distributors, thousands of fulfillment centers in cities across the country, and its knowledge and expertise of the industrial supply sector. Ben and Sam are providing a huge opportunity for distributors to be able to benefit from the new eCommerce age.

SupplyHub’s unique infrastructure allows for distributors to bring their resources, product SKUs and shipping facilities to the table. The shared platform provides added value and capability of quickly launching offerings for customers on a B2B eCommerce online space. Distributors and manufacturers become a part of an eCommerce platform that is essentially specified for them and their customer base in mind. The model Ben and Sam have strategically brought to market – with SupplyHub – will be the most successful countering to the Amazon Business threat. is a B2B marketplace designed specifically for commercial and industrial wholesalers. They connect buyers, distributors, and manufacturers online while taking the omni-channel approach, meaning buyers can have their purchases shipped directly to the jobsite or picked up at the brick-and-mortar store. SupplyHub aims to use the existing distributor infrastructure to provide buyers with a quicker, more efficient way to purchase electrical/lighting equipment, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, automotive parts and office supplies.

Recent Developments and Industry Recognition: Founders of SupplyHub, Ben Pouladian and Sam Sinai, were ranked 1,093 in Inc. Magazine’s annual Inc. 5000 list of well-known companies— for Deco Lighting; Ben and Sam named Top 100 fastest growing companies in Los Angeles in 2016 by the LA Business Journal — for Deco Lighting®.

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