Fulham Announces Highbay ThoroLED Kit Now UL Listed for All Retrofit Applications

Fulham Announces Highbay ThoroLED Kit Now UL Listed for All Retrofit Applications


Fulham Co., Inc. has announced that its ThoroLED Universal Voltage Highbay Retrofit Kit which was introduced early this year as a UL classified retrofit kit for field installations, has now also been approved for UL listing for use as a retrofit luminaire for renovation projects. In addition, the Highbay Retrofit kit is a DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified system under Retrofit and Luminaire, which makes utility rebates more accessible.

The ThoroLED Highbay Retrofit kit is suitable for both acrylic highbay and lowbay installations, such as warehouses, hangars, gymnasiums, or any building where 400-watt metal halide (HID) luminaires are normally used. The surface-mounted LED driver can handle 120V to 277V input, and the driver can be programmed to optimize power consumption and lumen output. The retrofit kit also has a built-in heat sink with integrated thermal management. The kit can be installed to upgrade an existing highbay luminaire in five to 10 minutes with four-point installation.

“Our distributors and OEMs rely on Fulham to deliver standards-compliant sub-systems that are easy to install and deliver superior, tunable performance, and now the component is UL Listed as well as DLC compliant,” said Edwin Reyes, Product Director of LED Light Sources for Fulham. “Our ThoroLED Retrofit Kit It also has the latest surface-mount chip package and driver for optimal illumination and low power consumption. The Retrofit Kit offers maximum versatility in a single, field-installable package.”

The ThoroLED Universal Voltage Highbay Retrofit Kit comes in two color temperatures, 4000K and 5000K. The kit uses Fulham’s constant current, 300W non-Class 2 round LED DC module with surface mounted LEDs. The LED driver features 0-10V smooth dimming with a max input power of 220W and an output of 26,300 lumens, including instantaneous on/off with no power up required. The driver also can be programmed from 200W down to 80W for multiple applications and minimize power consumption. The LED retrofit kit also is compatible with many daylight harvesting controls, occupancy sensors, and building automation systems.

For more information, visit: www.fulham.com.

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