Get into the HABIT of faster installations with Orbit!

Get into the HABIT of faster installations with Orbit!


Orbit Industries’ Adjustable Height Box Installation Template (HABIT) is a first-of-its-kind, reusable tool which works perfectly with Orbit’s Prefab Brackets for consistently and efficiently mounting boxes and brackets at a desired height.

The HABIT features a platform which can be adjusted and preset up to 21” in height. The platform also features magnets which hold the boxes and brackets in place while they are being secured to the stud. This ability to preset and hold brackets at the desired height needed allows installers to quickly mount brackets at a consistent height.

Multiple HABITs can be stacked to allow installations in heights up to 49” without the need for tools. This results in the potential to set two platforms at the heights necessary for simultaneous switch and receptacle mounting, allowing for a quicker installation of both. The HABIT is in stock and ready to ship. Patent Pending.

Orbit Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrical products for the professional installer. Orbit products are UL or ETL listed and include: Steel Junction Boxes and Accessories, NEMA Enclosures, Weatherproof Products, Electrical Fittings and Elbows, Emergency/Exit Lighting, Photoelectric Controls, LED Lighting and more.

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April 1, 2017