Hirose Expands USB Type-C Connector Product Offering for High Current and Rugged Design Requirements

Hirose Expands USB Type-C Connector Product Offering for High Current and Rugged Design Requirements



Hirose has expanded its compact USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connector family with the introduction of four new versions that offer high current performance, waterproof certification and vertical orientation for enhanced design flexibility in a compact form factor. Designed to meet customer requests for a rugged USB connector with a small PCB footprint, the CX connector receptacles and plugs are ideal for a wide range of applications susceptible to high-vibration and drop impacts including control systems, drones, medical devices, smart meters, point-of-sale equipment, imaging equipment and many other small portable devices.

The new CX Series versions include: CX60-24S slim 1.0m double ended cable assembly offers superior short-circuit protection; CX80B1-24P vertical mount version offers design flexibility and reduces PCB mounting area; CX90M-16P mid-mount USB 2.0 version with high current carry capacity for fast device charging;  CX90MWD2-24P mid-mount version provides a waterproof capable option compliant to IPX8.

Hirose’s broad USB 3.1 Type-C connector product offering delivers high-data speeds up to 10Gbps, while reducing the occupied mounting area in comparison to comparable connectors on the market. This allows OEMs to reduce the size of their portable electronic devices.

Supporting high-speed applications, the CX connector family features a symmetrical mating design that allows for reversible plug insertion. To improve mounting accuracy, the CX Series has built-in guide posts that ensure precise connector positioning and orientation on the PCB.

The CX Series receptacles feature a hybrid PCB mount design that utilizes both surface-mount and through-hole soldering to improve mounting accuracy and minimise the board mounting space needed. The hybrid design also facilitates automated optical inspection and eases reworking of the solder terminal joints with a visible lead design.

A tactile click can be felt when mating the connectors to ensure correct engagement and prevent incomplete mating.

“The expanded family of CX Series USB 3.1 Gen2 connectors delivers high-speed transmission that offer data speeds twice as fast as conventional 5Gbps USB 3.0 connector,” said Bill Kysiak, Product Marketing Manager for Hirose Electric USA. “The expanded CX family offers new options for design flexibility and enhanced mounting strength to the PCB for increased durability in electronic devices that require both rugged performance and PCB space savings.”

For more information about the CX USB 3.1 Gen2 connector family, visit: https://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/CX/.





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