Ilsco Enriches Offering of Taskmaster Tools

Ilsco Enriches Offering of Taskmaster Tools
TaskMaster® Tools from ILSCO include hand operated and battery powered in-line and pistol-grip hydraulic crimping and cutting tools, remote heads, and pumps.  Features of the tools include 350°/360° head rotation for maneuvering in confined spaces and operating on Milwaukee batteries to ensure optimal battery life.  Cutting and crimping capacities are extensive and afford installers the ability to select the right tool for the job.

All TaskMaster Tools are designed to endure grueling use and harsh environments while delivering the power, speed, efficiency and ergonomics that make any job faster and easier.

From solid body designs and robust components TaskMaster Tools are built to minimize maintenance time and costs.  The components require fewer replacements and the life cycle between reconditioning is much longer.  And when maintenance is due, no-hassle servicing features make it fast and easy.  The hydraulic-powered tools are supported by our five year TaskMasterPRO™ service protection program.

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