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Impressive Additions to National Specialty Lighting’s Selection of Tape Lights

National Specialty Lighting (NSL), has introduced new additions to its already impressive selection of LED Strip Light Series. They include:

Standard High Power Tape is now cuttable every 1.3” instead of the previous 4” making even more flexible for precise projects.

The Dim to Warm Series is a great product that warms in color temperature from 3000K at full brightness to 1800K, dimmable with a standard ELV dimmer in conjunction with our dimmable LED drivers. Dim to Warm is a highly versatile product suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The High Efficacy Tape Light offers the highest lumens per watt of any of NSL’s models. It is extremely bright at up to 586 lumens per ft with an efficacy of 115 lumens per watt.

The COB Tape Light provides exceptional brightness with no dots – just a clean line of uninterrupted light. Ideal for shallow coves and under counter applications where continuous light is required without dark spots associated with some standard tape products.

For more information visit nslusa.com.

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