Inter-lux Announces Expansion of Whitegoods 20Linear Range with 20+

Inter-lux Announces Expansion of Whitegoods 20Linear Range with 20+

Whitegoods luminaire offerings expanded and enhanced with the addition of new products and accessories.

This exciting new group of products is called ‘20+’, because it utilizes the basic SM20LDL-surface mounted 20 linear downlight. New profiles and accessories provide enhanced mounting and performance characteristics as outlined:  Perimeter slot – 1” wide perimeter glow or graze; Regressed lens – minimize sight angles; Narrow grazing optics – wall graze and accent lighting; Louvered shielding – eliminate glare when using high output,

Developed to give designers the freedom to work with light in an instinctive way, the 20Linear range includes a family of profiles utilizing the small form factor and high-performance linear LED technology to keep focus on the surrounding architecture.

“The 20Linear range of products has been extremely well received in all markets since we launched it 5 years ago and it is the most successful Whitegoods product family in terms of linear feet sold annually. The 20+ group of products is a grand example of the Whitegoods philosophy as it is minimally intrusive in a space while giving you an even lens appearance for any length run,” says Mark DeVries, CEO.

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