Introducing Electrical Lighting Professionals, LLC

Introducing Electrical Lighting Professionals, LLC 


ELP, LLC is changing the way lighting controls are designed. Their proven methods for designing, procuring and installing lighting control systems create a superior install experience and quality results. They won’t be installing the actual lighting control devices, but working side-by-side with the electrical contractor, providing professional design services.

Their approach eliminates the finger-pointing, headaches, and shortcomings of the current business model. As a result, ELP, LLC will significantly lower the electrical contractor’s labor and installation costs, along with the overall cost of your lighting construction.

ELP, LLC reviews the electrical drawings by comparing the Reflected Ceiling Drawings, the Electrical Power Sheets, the Fixture Schedule, a Value Engineered Fixture Schedule, and the selected compatible light fixtures, and then designs an easy to install, Title 24 Compliant lighting controls system that complements whatever fixture package is selected.

Their approach will significantly decrease the Project Manager’s design time, Field Supervision’s planning and coordinating time, the material handling time, as well as the Installer’s time, and ultimately lowering the overall cost of your lighting construction.

ELP is also able to design a complete conceptual lighting control system to the specific needs of your project even if conceptual design documents are the only available project documents.

Often they are relied on to assist in the actual selection and design of a complete, energy efficient, Title 24 Compliant Lighting and Lighting Controls System lighting controls package prior to selecting a fixture package or a lighting controls manufacturer.

With ELP, LLC you receive the quality light fixtures and lighting control products you desire AND easy installation at a reasonable overall cost.

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