JESCO Back-Lit Mirrors:  Illuminated With LEDs or T5 Fluorescents Available in Three Sizes and Two Styles

JESCO Back-Lit Mirrors:  Illuminated With LEDs or T5 Fluorescents Available in Three Sizes and Two Styles


Jesco introduces Back-Lit Mirrors rectangular wall-mounted mirrors, in two factory-standard, energy-conserving illumination choices: LEDs or T5 linear fluorescent light sources.  Either provides abundant white light, at very low wattage with long, maintenance-free operating life.

The minimalist design of these wall mounted mirrors provides high function, flat tering visual clarity and makes a lasting design statement.

Back-Lit Mirrors are geometric; add value to the interior design and décor of any bathroom, bedroom, vanity or wall space in hotels, resorts, private clubs, casinos or homes.  Ideal for use in restrooms in restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, recreation areas, guest rooms, locker rooms; healthcare, assisted living and long-term car facilities; entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms, corridors, dining and living rooms.

Back-Lit Mirrors offered in three sizes and two styles, are visually memorable rectangular mirrors with evenly distributed white light which creates harmonious lighting effect.  6 to 21 LED watts; or 2 x 14 watt T5 to 2 x 14 watt plus 2 x 35 watt T5 linear fluorescents surround mirrored surfaces and are unseen behind white translucent glass borders.

Back-Lit Mirrors with rectangular cut-outs are either 39” high x 27-1/2” wide x 1-5/8” deep or 63” wide x 27-1/2” high x 1-5/8”deep.  Back-Lit Mirrors with two vertical cut-outs measure 27-1/2” high x 19-3/4 wide by 1-5/8” deep.

Back-Lit Mirror models with LEDs have an average 50,000-hour life; T5 linear fluorescents average life is 20,000 hours.  Light placement behind the mirror makes cleaning easy, eliminates damage, breakage or injury typical to exposed light sources.  Special glazing and diffusion of the glass makes light output more effective, optimizes viewer comfort, clarity of peoples’ images.

JESCO has the ability to customize each mirror for use with any of its market-leading DL-FLEX LED strip to meet any needs.  Choices range from standard to high light output, color temperatures from 2700 to 6000K as well as color changing RGB.  JESCO also has the ability to produce a color tuneable mirror that can tune white light from 2700K up to 6000K tailoring light to the planned event that day – tune a warm color temperature in preparation for a dinner in romantic restaurant or tune a cool color temperature in preparation for a picnic in a park.

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