Jesco Debuts Its “Seamless” Rigid LED Series

Jesco Debuts Its “Seamless” Rigid LED Series

JESCO Lighting introduces its new, modular “SEAMLESS” S700 LED fixture which provides uninterrupted light output in an ultra-slim design coupled with inter-linkability that also allows for left/right or inside/out lit cornering.

The “SEAMLESS” S700 is available in six standard lengths: 4”, 8”, 12”, 24”, and 48”. Each length is easily inter-connectable and, when lit, delivers an even illuminated line of light without dead spots while the connection points are imperceptible and “seamless”. 

The “SEAMLESS” S700 offers inter-connectable lit corners that provide for a left or a right turn as well as inside or outside lit connectors allowing the fixture to turn on either a horizontal or a vertical plane. This allows the designer to surround the displayed item either from the top or the bottom of the shelf as well as from the side. Besides the L-type connectors, lit X- and T-type connectors can also be specified.

The refined “SEAMLESS” S700 measures just 7/16” wide and 1/2” tall with a sleek aluminum frame and white opal lens. Mounting is achieved by using the imbedded magnets for metal surfaces. Snap-in, fixed mounting clips (provided) and 45 degree mounting clips are also available for non-metallic surfaces. The fixture may also be mounted onto non-metallic surfaces with optional metal tabs.

The 24V “SEAMLESS” S700 Series incorporates a high-density of LEDs, 63 LEDs per foot, to create a low-profile, high light output fixture with uniform, tight beam patterns – eliminating typical light “dots”. The ultra-bright, 3-step MacAdam LEDs are standard in 90+ CRI with white-light color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. Onboard constant current IC components ensure that every LED receives the same specific current providing consistent levels of light output and color, with no voltage drop and controlling any heat, from the beginning to the end of the run. Full Spectrum LEDs and higher lumen output options are also available upon request.

Connectable input power cables are offered for plug & play or hardwire applications and are available in 12” and 60” lengths. Connecting cables used between two fixtures are also available in 6”, 12” and 24” lengths. End caps are provided with each fixture to complete the clean design.

An optional in-line controller may be snapped in anywhere in a run for on/off control or memory touch dimming.

The “SEAMLESS” S700 also features a Lit Extender Connector with bottom and side feeds. This allows for two separately powered runs to be linked seamlessly for an extended uninterrupted run. Simply click the end of one run into the dead end of this connector and power the rest of the run with cables that can exit either through the side or the bottom whichever works best for the application. Also now achievable are closed circuit designs such as squares and rectangles.

JESCO’s “SEAMLESS” S700 is ideal for showroom shelves and product displays, retail stores, office workstations; for museums, galleries, antique stores; store-fixture shelving and point-of-purchase displays; integrated into furniture, bedroom headboards, decorative trims for homes, offices, hotels; and in bookcases, china, glassware and trophy cabinets.   

A long 50,000-hour-plus operating life, with a 5-year factory warranty, all paired with very low energy consumption and exceptional maintenance savings makes the “SEAMLESS” S700 well-suited for virtually any interior application where endless design capability, installation flexibility, high lighting performance, energy savings, and little or no routine maintenance are sought-after benefits. 

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